| A Monadnock Berries Farm Wedding, Part Four
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A Monadnock Berries Farm Wedding, Part Four | New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

October 11, 2015 | Monadnock Berries, New Hampshire | David & Anna

Cue the cheers and confetti!!! Part Four is here, and I’m jumping right in! I know I’ve mentioned it before, but really, the sunset and the natural golden light during David and Anna’s reception was spectacular! Before you see some of my very favorite portraits of ALL TIME, let me just show off that pretty evening first…

Somewhere around this time, we scooted out of the reception for the first time, to run out into the blueberry vineyard and take some “We just got married! It’s real! You’re my husband! And you’re my wife!” portraits. This is always one of the parts of photographing a wedding that I look forward to the most, and I can’t stop (won’t stop. HA!) staring at these—they’re so far beyond anything I had hoped for!!! AHHHHHHHHH!

David and Anna were so sweet about pictures (as in, “We are so excited about pictures that we purposefully left lots of time for them in the day” sweet. A photographer’s dream!!), and agreed to sneak away for one last portrait session before they left. So, after all the flag waiving and hugging of guests, we walked over to the opposite side of the property to capture a few more images just as the sun was slipping down. Even though we squeezed this session in at the very very end, I’m SO thankful they agreed to it and were willing to postpone their drive for another few minutes. I think you’ll be able to see why! 😉

I could go on and on about how wonderful David and Anna’s wedding was because of all the special touches they worked so hard to include, but I would be leaving out the very best part…seeing them surrounded by the family and friends who have been praying for them, cheering them on, and supporting them on their journey towards marriage and the adventures beyond! This cloud of witnesses came together to stand by David and Anna as they became one flesh before Jesus. They prayed along with them as they took their first married communion. They lined up in front of the table where a covenant was waiting, ready to sign their names in celebration of the day and in commitment to continuing prayer and accountability. They cheered as David and Anna were announced for the very first time as Mr. and Mrs. Weigle (!!!!). They toasted with blueberry cider while both dads spoke blessings and joy and laughter over their new marriage. They shared pie under the twinkle lights, played ad-lib games at their tables, and lined up by the barn at the end of the night to wave them off with tiny American flags. And when all that was done, a few of them stuck around to the very end, sharing hugs and tears as David and Anna piled into their car and drove off to their new life in VA where he’s stationed for now. The treasures of love and friendship are truly priceless, and David and Anna experienced them in spades that day.

I have to stop you here for just a second and say that I was hesitant to include these next couple because there’s just SO MUCH raw emotion in them. And sometimes that is just too super personal. However, I decided to keep them here because I think they’re a powerful testament to the deep bond Anna has with her mom and dad. These hugs came at the last moments, as David was pulling tiny flags out of everywhere in their rental car, and Anna was getting ready to ride off to a new life, in a new state, with a new husband. A life that is physically very far from her family. Watching her say goodbye was one of the most emotional parts of the day, and all of us there started to tear up. I can’t even look at these pictures now without getting emotional. But again, I think that speaks the most to how special the relationship between Anna and her parents is. They have blessed her and shaped her and helped her grow into the woman she is today, and I know she’ll carry them with her no matter where she and David are stationed or what adventures they find themselves a part of!

David and Anna, Luke and I are SO excited for this new life you’re starting together! We know that Jesus will move in mighty ways during your marriage, and that He’ll keep and guide you as you travel and adjust and grow together as one. We can’t wait to see what the future holds! We are praying for you, and we love you guys!!! ♥️ 



Even though this is the last post in a four-part series, you can still go back and catch up on all the other posts whenever you’d like! Click here for Part One, here for Part Two, and here for Part Three!


Venue | Monadnock Berries

Dress Store | David’s Bridal

Florist | Embellish Floral Studios

Catering | Little Zoe’s

Pies | Chef Eileen

Invitations | Raven Gill

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  • Becky Rickee


    Jenny, these are so beautiful and they evoke such emotion. What a treasure all of these pictures are!

    November 5, 2015 at 8:57 pm

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